Week 12

This week I have been preparing engine to merge with ScummVm’s main tree and reversing walking system.

Some ini files in games are invalid like this:

carbon (6).pngAlso ini files have CP-1251 encoding, which makes them unreadeable by ScummVm’s ini class. So I have created pull requests(1, 2) to fix those issues.

Also, I have implemented saving/loading system.

Saves in those games have such structure:

carbon (4).png

Considering the walking system, I continue to reverse it. I have encountered some problems with it, because it is highly connected with other parts of the engine, so I  review other parts and add things that I have missed earlier.

But this is only the one thing that has left. After implementing it the engine should be playable.

I will create the engine pull request when the pull requests concerning ini reader will be accepted.


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