Week 8

This week I have been reversing text classes in Red Comrades engine.

Although, the text doesn’t render properly for now. There is a problem with font. It seems that ScummVm’s fonts don’t support cyrillic letters.

The engine consists of 4 text classes:

  • QText
  • QTextDescription
  • QTextChoice
  • QTextPhrase

QText is a base class for other classes.

QTextDescription is used to render text about item.

QTextChoice is used to make choice.

QTextPhrase is used for dialogs. It monitors the sound and notifies dialog manager when sound ends.

The text in game is stored in Windows 1251 codepage. I have used the converting funtion which I had written last year for Pink Panther engine.

I have also polished dialog manager, so the intro can be continued.  However, intro is bugged because heroes are not implemented. So they are not rendered and walk is skipped.

The plan for next week is to fix the problem with font if possible, start to implement heroes, and reverse the inventory.

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