Week 5

The first month of work is ended and I have implemented the game demo.

The game demo is just advertisement intro, which consists of several game scenes.

To get this demo working I have implemented these opcodes:

  • GOTO – changes game scene
  • ZBUFFER – sets z coordinate
  • STOP – shows or hides cursor depending on first argument
  • BGSFX – sets fx id to background
  • ON – shows object
  • OFF – hides object
  • SET, PLAY – starts sprite playing.

Unfortunately, some opcodes aren’t implemented which leads to some problems in demo. These include END opcode and IMAGE opcode. IMAGE opcode actually isn’t needed. It is used because game script file always starts with heroes objects, which aren’t used.

Also, there is a problem with 8 bit BMP, because game uses a bit modified format, which leads to problem when scene changes to BMP, which isn’t actually loaded.

Next week I will polish the demo and start to implement dialogs, which are essentially needed for game. Most of scripts can’t be executed without it.

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