Week 1

The objective for first week was to implement reading script.dat file, which consists of serialized objects and scenes, including handlers and operations.

During the implementation I encountered a problem with ScummVm’s INIFile class.

The ini files in Red Comrades games are encoded using Windows CP-1251.

The problem is with this method

carbon (2).png

Because isAlnum function doesn’t support Windows CP-1251 codepage, it always returns false. As temporary workaround I have removed this function.

Another problem is that debugger can’t show those strings in readable way. To solve this problem I have decided to do transliteration.

During this week I have also implemented some opcodes.

For the next week I plan to implement playing intro videos. They are in avi format. I will do this very fast and will start to implement startup menu.

To get menu working I need to implement seven opcodes:

  • SET
  • HIDE


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