Week 7

At the seventh week I have done:

  1. implemented Peril’s PDA commands
  2. implemented Peril’s PDA hardcode(thumb moving)
  3. code cleanup
  4. bugfixes


Finally the engine brach was merged with ScummVm’s main repository. Testers are welcome to download ScummVm from buildbot and test Pink Panther games.

Advantages over original engine:

1) Very low CPU usage even with scaling. The original engine doesn’t have a delay after each frame, so it consumes whole core.

2) Passport To Peril supports sound balance.

3) All advantages which ScummVm offers(scaling, cross-platform, etc)

So what’s left:

  1. Game menu.
  2. ActionText

These features don’t affect gameplay because ActionText is used only in PDA and menu is just needed to quickly navigate through PDA.

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