Pink Scripts Format

In Pink engine scripts are stored as serialized objects.

Let’s look at Wanderlust logo’s script


The execution starts from HandlerStartPage. The last Handler is unnecessary.

Firstly, Handler executes SideEffectExit, which sets next executors.

Then, Handler starts sequence.

The sequence consists of SequenceItems.

SequenceItem – sets action to actor.

SequenceItemLeader  – same as SequenceItem but action which it sets will be used as a mark of script ending. In this example, the script ends when the music ends.

SequenceItemDefaultAction – sets the action to the actor, but only if SequenceItem haven’t executed for that actor.

Also, sequence can consist of two or more subsequences.

The execution is the same, but we stop before next leader while the previous subsequence is playing.

carbon (1).png

Thanks Douglas for great tool Carbon

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